Our Beginnings

The Breakfast for Children program was first begun in March 2002. The preacher (Jose
Garcia DeLlama) at the Rene Polanco Church in Managua, Nicaragua, had an idea that he would like to provide nourishing meals for some of the children of his congregation, and also children in the neighborhood. The church is located in a very poor area, and most of the men do not have regular jobs. He first mentioned his idea to Grace McIntyre the year before (2001) when she accompanied a Health Talents group on a medical missions trip. At the time Waterview was supporting the medical and dental clinic at the

On the last Sunday of the teaching quarter, children come forward after the contribution, giving quarters to feed children. This has gone from children coming with their quarters to many of our members giving large contributions which the children contribute.

What began as a once a week program at one church has now grown to four locations. The children are taught a Bible lesson after each meal, and medical and dental checkups are given on a regular basis.

Jose lost his job and we assumed most of his monthly support. To facilitate the transport of food items we collected donations to purchase a pick-up truck for Jose. \Parents of the non-member children are contacted for Bible studies and several
have been baptized.

We have been able to refurbish the area at Rene Polanco where the children are fed, buy stoves and refrigerators, a water holding tank for the church, and tables and chairs Part of the Bible School area was an open patio, and we purchased the tin for the roof. Each family is given a basket of food twice a year. During the past year we have also sent money to purchase school supplies and clothing for the older children.

In January 2011 Robert and Grace toured a house about 3 miles from the church building. Jose asked if we could send money to remodel the house so he could begin a breakfast program for the children in that neighborhood so they wouldn’t have to walk so far. That remodeling has been completed, with floor, new walls, kitchen equipment, church tables and chairs. That Breakfast Program is currently underway with a meal once a week.

Today, we have locations in Rene Polanco, two in Milagro de Dios, and one in Jardinia. In total, almost 300 children are fed each week.