New Location for Breakfast Program

In February, a piece of property was purchased and generous donors at the Waterview Church of Christ in Richardson provided funds to construct a new building for the breakfast program.

TheĀ building is in a poor neighborhood just outside of the range of current programs. It provides space for years of feeding children for many years. It also has space for Bible study and will include a preschool in the future.

It was opened on September 4th. Watch the opening here.

Thank God for blessing Managua in this way.

Vitamins and School Uniforms

Part of the work in Managua through the Breakfast program is to help families. Most families served by the breakfast program make little money each year. Kids attend schools which require uniforms. Many (if not most) get a diet lacking in complete nutrition needed for growth during the early years.

So, we help with more than just food. Recently, we helped the kids at Gardenias with two items.


Sometimes it takes vitamin supplements just to get to the right nutritional values for children.

School Supplies

Schools do not allow students without appropriate school uniforms. This limits many families. Here are kids getting their school uniforms.

Update on Joseline

During the 2016 visit to Managua, Grace McIntyre and Robert Taylor visited a home in Milagro. There they met a 12-year-old girl named Joseline. She had a brain tumor removed in August 2015.

She lived in a small shack where she was recovering from surgery in a patio chair in the heat. She received no therapy and could not walk. Her mother could not take her anywhere because of this. She also could no talk.

While there, a generous Waterview member provided funds for a wheelchair which gave her mobility. We also got her into therapy with the clinic at the local church and provided some nourishment.

We got reports of her improvement.

2017 Update

Last month, Robert Taylor returned to her home. She was listening to the radio and singing some. She could talk and was sitting in a pretty dress (she knew we were coming).

The sad news is she cannot see. In addition, she needs nourishment but there is no one to take care of her since her mother must work all day.

However, she reached up and rubbed the side of my face. She had learned a phrase in English and muttered while touching my face “I love you” in English.

We learned she was sleeping on a pallet on the floor and so we purchased her a bed on which to sleep.

We continue to pray for her improvement while providing more therapy for her.